Becoming YOU.

At times we have all wanted to crawl under a rock and hide from the world. We may have preferred to be invisible rather than let other people see us or notice that we exist.

This desire not to be seen often happens I think when we are feeling that we don't fit in, when we feel vulnerable, hurt, angry, overwhelmed or simply weary of the world.

And while we console ourselves with the defence that we are shy, introvert, not understood, not clever or articulate enough, we are actually hiding.

When we make believe we are invisible we are only hiding from ourselves. The harder we try to be anything other than our truest self, we are seen.

None of us are meant to hide, we aren't meant to fit in or become what we are not. We are unique in being different. Belonging, which is something we all want, isn't about becoming someone else's idea of us, it's more about being brave, saying "here's my fears and I'm still enough."

Step into YOU, live the life you dream for yourself.

We each have a responsibility to ourselves, our communities and our planet, we are here to illuminate the way for each other. When we are seen we become the mirror through which others can see their own brilliance.

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