An immersion in sacred sound,

a moment to deeply relax,

to have your mind quietened

and your spirit at peace

"Every person is defined by the communities she belongs to"

- Orson Scott Card

Community is much more than belonging to something.

It's about doing something together that makes belonging matter.

Community is belonging, supporting, and togetherness.

Community is an essential element of wellbeing.

A lot of my work focuses on community wellbeing. The Gong is one of man's most powerful and oldest transformational and therapeutic 'instruments'. Gongs have been used for ritual, ceremony, prayer and meditation since the Bronze Age. I use Gongs in my popular community Gong Baths and also in my 1-2-1 work with clients seeking a more personal touch to their experience with the gongs and sound healing.


The vibration of a gong is a powerful method for reducing stress.

In my community Gong Baths I create 'an ocean of sound' that encourages a natural state of profound relaxation. Essentially, I'm activating the parasympathetic nervous system, (natural body rhythms like breathing) to counteract the over-stressed sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight response.) It is thought that depression and anxiety can also be alleviated through attending regular gong baths.

I aim to reduce isolation in bringing communities together through Gong Baths, and also contribute towards better social cohesion.

In a gong bath, a listeners heart rate slows, blood pressure drops and the breath is restored to its natural rhythm.

Gongs induce a whole-body felt vibration and a deeply impactful meditative state is created in the mind. This results in a sense of expanded 'awareness and wholeness'.

The vibrations and sounds of the gongs enable negativity to leave the mind and body, the perfect method for effortless relaxation. This really is quality 'you time'.

A reset button.

Regardless of religious beliefs, age or gender. 

An immersion in sound is a precious moment to truly relax.

A massage for the body, inside and outside using sound. To experience a gong bath is to really understand the benefits for your improved wellbeing, and that of your community also. 

Why is a Gong Bath so soothing and relaxing?

When you attend a gong bath you will see and feel how easy this type of meditation is. 

1) You will experience an effortless state of relaxation - so rare nowadays!

2) You will feel deeply rejuvenated in body, mind and emotions (even on a cellular level!)

3) You may experience a transformation in unblocking unpleasant and reoccurring emotions - a release of trauma or distress.

Here are some benefits of attending a gong bath:

  • Improves immune function

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Improves sleep

  • Relieves pain

  • Helps increase vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation

  • Quietens mind chatter

  • Stabilises emotions and organises emotional energy

  • Improves focus memory with mind clarity.

  • Reduces anxiety and stress

  • Boosts immune system

  • Creates deep relaxation

  • Stimulates the glandular, digestive and endocrine systems and improves their function 

  • Aids in breaking addictive behaviour

  • Regenerates the nervous system.

  • Clears the aura, aligns the chakras

  • Clears the subconscious mind from negative thoughts.

You do not have to believe in Sound Energy or understand it to benefit from its healing capabilities.

I always look forward to meeting new people at my gong baths, and seeing the sheer pleasure on their faces after having experienced the power of Gongs for the first time.

Timings for Gong Bath Variations:

  • Community Gong Baths - 90 Minutes - 17yrs to 116yrs

  • Young Adults Gong Baths - 60 Minutes - 12yrs to 16yrs

  • Little Peoples Gong Baths - 45 Minutes - 7yrs to 11 yrs

  • Gongs for Tiny Ones - 30 minutes - 0-6yrs including Toys and Cuddlies. 

I also offer my Gong Wellbeing services to people hosting their own events and celebrations. Please do have a read through the following list of occasions and settings, and get in touch if you'd like to make a booking or have any further questions. 


Bespoke Parties - Hen/Birthdays - 2 hours

Bespoke 1-1 Sound Immersions - 90 mins






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