Corporate wellbeing

"Don't seek, Don't search, Don't ask, Don't knock, Don't demand - Relax.
If you relax, it comes. If you relax, it is there. If you relax, you start vibrating with it."

- Osho

What is a Gong Bath?


Every Gong Bath is a unique experience, a time just for you, an opportunity to just be.

While lying on the floor, wrapped safely in a blanket, head resting comfortably on a pillow, the body begins to relax and the mind slips into a deep stillness.

The sounds created by the Gong wash over you, enveloping you, creating vibrational ripples. Calming, soothing, vibrational sound. Slowing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, steadying the breath.

The perfect reset button

Removing stress and anxieties naturally restoring much needed balance to the mind, body and spirit, an opportunity to truly relax.

Gongs need nothing but for you to be receptive in order to fully appreciate their gift. They must be experienced to be understood. 

How Sound Works


To understand how sound works we must think of all matter as vibrating, pulsing energy. A rock, a tree, a vegetable, mineral, or human body cell - each has its own distinctive frequency wave patterns. 

The whole of the body is an accumulation and expression of frequency wave patterns. 

Who you are is not merely one note or tone, everything about you, your organs, thoughts, feelings and emotions have their own frequencies, contributing to the total vibrational essence that is you.

When you are in good health it is thought that you are in balance on every level of your being - vibrating at your optimum level. 

However, from time-to-time life gets overwhelming and challenging; with loss, fear, anxiety and stress resulting in ill-health and a lowering of vibrational essence. 

When bathed in sound, the body naturally relaxes and begins to rebalance. A well played gong will resonate with all parts of a persons being - mental, physical and spiritual. Raising the lower frequencies to their higher optimum level resulting in harmony and healing. 


We live in an extremely technology dominated world, where it's sometimes a real challenge to put down our phones, unplug our computers and simply 'switch off'.

In order to align the benefits of Gongs with the needs of businesses and their employees, I have created my bespoke wellbeing and team building packages for not only large corporations, but also for smaller companies where the workload and need to unite might be even more significant.

I want to help individuals, teams and whole companies to combat the onset and effects of high-stress levels. Through beginning with supporting organisations at an employee level, I can help to tackle high absenteeism caused by personal or work-related issues. Happy and contented employees boast higher rates of productivity, interact more positively with each other, and are essentially more creative and intuitive.


Corporate wellbeing is about creating an environment which promotes a state of contentment for an employee so they can flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisation.

Research undertaken by the CIPD has also shown that improving employee physical wellbeing can:

  • Increase productivity and performance

  • Reduce sick days/absenteeism 

  • Reduce staff turnover

  • Attracts and retains top talent

  • Improves presenteeism 

  • Creates a more motivated, engaged and high performing workforce

Below are my two workshops on offer for organisations. 
get in touch if you'd like to discuss your teams needs!

I also offer a speakers package for conferences and meetings where I share valuable insight into wellbeing at work and how sound immersion can assist in establishing and maintaining a thriving and happy workforce.

For more details, please send a message through my contact page and I'll be in touch. 

1) Gong Re-Connection

'No phones, no technology. Stillness and time for the team - you won't want to leave!'

A 90 minute workshop for the whole team with a focus on entering a relaxed state together. Everyone is led through a winding down process into an immersive gong bath. At the end we regroup as a team and reflect upon the personal and shared experience. This really is time to be still and mindful of each others contribution within the team.

Suitable for small, medium and large teams and conferences of all sizes.

2) Team Gong!

'With each session you'll feel a deeper state of relaxation and inspiration'

Over a period of six sessions the whole team will journey through deeper states of relaxation together. An accumulation of focussed and shared relaxation time has a big impact upon team bonding. 

Sessions can take place weekly or monthly. Each time is a focus for employees to look forward to, where the psyche is taken out of the familiar working environment and is led into a blissful and more productive state for a human being.

Employees get such a lot out of these consistent sessions and always report feeling more enthusiastic and productive about their workload, creativity and colleagues. 

Please do get in touch if you would like any further details on the above team building and relaxation workshops. I can also structure any session to suit your needs