About Me

Hello and Welcome to Gongs by Julia

I'm Julia Frier, a very down to earth, straight talking, hard working Mum of twins. I am also a Vibrational Alchemist, Shamanic Practitioner, Trainer, Business Owner, Speaker and the First Female Accredited Gong Master in the East Midlands. 

I use sound in all its forms to calm the mind, relax the body and restore balance to every level of a persons being. 


Julia truly is a master sound practitioner. I've been to many sound baths over the last few years but I always go back to Julia. I think she is incredibly adaptive to her audience, she is very intuitive and so can really meet people where they are and takes them on the right journey for them. I have experienced her work at large 'corporate-style' events for 'newbies'  and also smaller events for more seasoned 'gonglies' as she affectionately calls us. 
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her for personal 1 to 1 work, small wellness groups/workshops or corporate wellness days. A true professional.

- Kate Tolson

entrepreneur, intuitive Wellbeing coach and hypnotherapist

Sound is my passion and GONGS BY JULIA is my own unique wellbeing company, specialising in delivering and sharing the health benefits of Gongs in the West.

I deliver Workshops, Events, and Talks using gongs in various settings; including; Corporate Environments for team building and wellness at work initiatives; positive mental and emotional health workshops and Programmes in Schools; and also my signature Gong Baths within Communities

Having gained 'lived experience' through my own personal journey involving ill health and trauma, I have become aware that through the use of sound vibrations we can be the 'Captain of Our Own Ship.' Throughout my time and studying Gongs to a Master Level, I have explored the complexity of my emotions and gradually I have begun to focus increasingly on wellbeing and life satisfaction; avoiding previous negative emotions and symptom relief.

It is now my mission to share these simple but life changing tools and processes with others. I want to guide others through a personal transformation; one that leads them towards taking ownership of their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Sound has no language, no gender, no race or religious belief.

It needs only to be experienced, to be understood and applied. Through exposure to the healing and calming vibrations of gongs, a deeply unified group can be established, wherein people of all ages and backgrounds can come together to create a 'community' all centred around the gongs and their health benefits.

This safe and nurturing space created around the gongs allows us to learn who we truly are. We can become aware of our strengths and weaknesses, as well as our fears and blockages in life. In gaining this powerful understanding, we are encouraged to release negative thoughts and feelings, and new beginnings with positive growth can be embraced.

It's always wonderful to see my clients growing in confidence as they attend more sessions with me. Over time my clients begin to feel empowered and to really feel good about themselves. They're less fearful and more willing to face new challenges in their lives. 

For more details on how I can be of service within your setting please do Get In Touch. I can create bespoke packages for any group size and event. Gongs are a hugely versatile unifying tool that can be taken into all Business, Educational and Community settings.

Thanks for visiting Gongs By Julia and I hope you enjoy looking around at my website.      


Don't seek, don't search, don't ask, don't knock, don't demand 

- Relax
If you relax, it comes. If you relax, it is there. If you relax, you start vibrating with it. 

- Osho

What does ALL this mean for you?


Well, through the use of sound and ancient Shamanic practices, I can help you to move forward in your day-to-day life by removing the blocks and obstacles in your body and mind. Sound knows no limit, and can help restore the body and mind to its natural balance.

Modern life can be very demanding and we take on the burdens of the world. My own journey to sound healing started when my body had given up trying to tell me it wasn't ok and I suffered a heart attack and subsequent illnesses. That is when I finally listened.

But you don't have to wait until such a drastic event happens to you, as I can help you travel on your own path with greater ease.

The Gong and Sound Community is one that promotes self empowerment, growth, free-spirit and acceptance.

I hope you will join me at an event near you, or in a one-to-one to begin your own journey. 


  • Gong Master - Gong Master Training with Grand Gong Master - Don Conreaux - 2016

  • Advanced Gong Master - Advanced Gong Master Training with Aidan McIntyre - Gong Magic - 2017

  • Gong Master - Practitioner - Gong Master Practitioner Training with Sarah Gregg - Reiki Drum & Sacred Sound inspirations - C.M.A Accredited - 2017

  • Drum Circle Facilitator - Drum Circle Training - Arther Hull - Village Music Circles -2017

  • Therapy Drum Practitioner - R2R (Rhythm 2 Recovery) - Simon Faulkner - 2016

  • Reiki Master - Usui Shiki Rhoho - Lesley Walker - RMT - 2013

  • Shamanic Practitioner -  Indie Shaman Practitioners Course - June Kent - 2013

  • Advanced Flower Essences - Diploma - British School of Yoga - 2016

  • Advanced Spiritual Healing - Diploma - British school of yoga -2015

  • Advanced Herbalism - Diploma - British School of Yoga - 2015

  • Advanced Colour Therapy - Diploma - British School of Yoga - 2015

  • Advanced Crystal Healing - Diploma - British School of Yoga - 2017

  • Advanced Meditation Teaching - Diploma - British School of Yoga  - 2014

  • Homoeopathy - Diploma - British School of Yoga - 2017