Gongs by Julia is about transforming lives.

It is a growing community of limitless possibilities where understanding, friendship, support, guidance and connection are guaranteed.

I had my second one-to-one session with Julia the other week. It is difficult to put in to words, just how transformational being with Julia is. The Gong Therapy is liberating, but the teachings and wisdom she gives freely and with great care. 

This is so much more than self-development, it is a fundamental transformation, to becoming who I am meant to be, without fear or judgement. Julia is firmly and lovingly holding my hand, so I can find my way home, to my soul and true calling. This is just the start of my journey and Julia has quite simply, made it possible. I look forward to my next session.

- Nik Davies

Mum and Blogger

Julia Frier is a Sound Practitioner, Accredited Gong Master, Trainer, Business Owner and Speaker.

She is the founder of Gongs By Julia and Vibrational Alchemy 101; two businesses that strive to support individuals in their own pursuit of creating personalised optimum wellbeing, through the use of Eastern Gongs and sound healing.

Julia recognises the many health benefits of interacting with sound. Her meditations, sound baths and retreats are accessible to all and she is constantly gaining recognition within the wellness movement. 

Julia works within many settings. These include Education, Corporations and Communities.

Julia has spent many years studying healing art forms and practices. She is passionate about transmitting her own story of overcoming lived trauma and poor mental health through her talks and workshops and is helping many people to transform their lives along the way. 

Her passion is to empower and transform. To change mindsets and create connections. Improving lives one person at a time.

Julia enjoys sharing her tools and techniques with individuals, groups and businesses.

"Pay attention to the sound, as you might uncover a secret existence and find the true voice of inner you"

- Don Contreau






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