A BRAVE WOMAN 😃 May we know them, raise them, be them.


A strong woman isn’t afraid to ask for help; she knows and loves herself. She’s brave enough to go after what she wants and needs, and is comfortable and confident about being alone.

💪 Asking For Help.

A strong woman will always ask for help. Being strong, to her, doesn't always mean that she must do everything by herself; sometimes, it means she has the strength to admit her weaknesses.

💪 Self Love.

A strong woman loves herself. She loves and appreciates the way her body looks, no matter whether or not she "measures up" to the standards set forth for her by society.

A strong woman takes the time to nurture and love herself every day, she cares about her physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and takes steps to support them.

💪 Bravery And Courage.

A strong woman is willing to take risks and suffer rejection to reap the possible rewards!

She is brave enough to be authentic even if this means she doesn’t “fit in” and is strong enough to go after what she believes she deserve.

💪 Self Worth.

A strong woman knows what she's worth, and she doesn't accept anything less.

Toxic or negative influences are removed once their impact is realized, and the strong woman moves forward in her life quickly and without regret.


💪 A strong woman knows when to work hard, but she also knows when to let go and have fun.

A strong women will take time to have fun so that she can reconnect with herself on a deeper level.

If she is unhappy and has trouble finding enjoyment in her life, the strong woman considers her situation and makes changes to solve it.❣️XxJULIA

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