Become You


When a woman awakens and starts to own all of herself, letting go of the need to cover up or defend herself and instead accepts all of her idiosyncrasies, fears, wounds, false programs, flaws, icky moods, fat thighs, sweaty armpits etc and supports her unique imperfect self instead of judging, rejecting and wishing that she were different or like somebody else, she has entered the promised land of freedom and self empowerment.

She starts to drop the posing, defence mechanisms, competitiveness, jealousy and all the false gods that she previously used as crutches, false images or places to hide parts of herself...

What is left is a Woman of Strength, courage, fortitude and a woman that is compassionately understanding towards others because she is able to give to others what she has given to herself...

She becomes fearlessly authentic, she finds her Voice, there is no longer shame, therefore she no longer needs to hide or change any part of herself...

She's able to overcome any fears of rejection for being true to herself.

Ironically, when a woman claims and accepts her shadow, that which she rejected and suppressed about herself transforms from being dysfunctional to being a strength and the energy that it was previously draining from her becomes available to her. Such a woman gives others permission to accept themselves as they are, her own freedom becomes contagious.

Through being openly relaxed in her Power she empowers others.~

~Caroline de Lisser.

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