Leave The Past Behind


What you are now is based on what has gone before.

Letting go of what you are from this moment onwards allows room for new growth for you.

When you let go, you allow yourself to accept changes in life. Sometimes life changes anyway, but to reach your full potential, that best version of you, you have to let go of your old limits, and those things that hold you in your “safe” space.

They might be old beliefs, they might be old values, and they might be old places. Sometimes, moving to the next level is as much about what you gain as what you leave behind.

Sometimes the only way to create something new and wonderful is to completely shed what’s been. Don’t be afraid to evolve. Don’t let yourself get attached to ideas of who you are that no longer serve you.

Give yourself permission to do something new, or something old differently. Give yourself the freedom to be whoever you want to be in this moment, regardless of who you’ve been.


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