We promise our friends and ourselves that next year will be the year in which we finally get fit, stick to a diet, mend bridges, take steps towards our dreams, and generally become the person that we’d like to be (or, perhaps, that they’d like us to be).

Now there’s nothing wrong with this, I myself have been there many times, but sometimes, pressure to make a New Years’ Resolution can feel like pressure to change who you are as a person - immediately and for the better.

This can lead to negative reflection on who you actually are and the direction your life is taking.

A New Years resolution is based on the year you’ve just had and it’s faults, which you are determined to correct this coming year.

But what if this year you take that self imposed pressure off yourself!😃


Bite size junks of dreams and desires.

Taking life a day at a time, focusing on NOW and not tomorrow .

We learnt in 2020 that our future was unpredictable so with that in mind, it makes sense to keep our lives a little smaller but live bigger, ensuring we have room to improve rather than set yourselves up for failure.


Live your life in a day, every day. 😊

If the seed you planted had a tough day, it’s not the end of dream, there’s always tomorrow.

Many people feel like abject failures, and berate themselves for what they see as their lack of willpower, lack of sticking power, greed, or just not having what it takes.

This is being human and perfectly normal, cut yourself some slack this year, write a new future for yourself and live YOUR truest life, on your terms .❤️


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